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Our New Jigsaw Puzzle Software

We are announcing the introduction of a new jigsaw puzzle software platform that can be played from directly within your web browser. The software is part of a new platform that will eventually replace the current Living Scenes program. Although there is still much work to be done, the new software is being made available for the weekly jigsaw puzzles.

The new jigsaw puzzle software is not based on the existing Living Scenes program and it does not have all of the same features. However, the new software looks and feels more modern and refined, and additional features will be added throughout this year.

It works on Macs

An important aspect of the new software is that it works for Apple Macs as well as PCs! This is important because many of you have been switching to Macs but missed being able to play the weekly jigsaw puzzles. Now you can!

New Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles

We have received lots of e-mail asking when new Living Scenes jigsaw puzzles will be available. It's been a long time since we created Volume 3, and we hope to have new Living Scenes puzzles available by this summer. The Living Scenes puzzles will be accessed online through the new jigsaw puzzle software, rather than delivered on CDs as in the past. This will be much easier and convenient, and it will resolve the issue of how to handle notebook computers that don't have CD drives. Although most new computers still have CD drives, we expect they will begin disappearing rapidly on new notebook computers later this year.

The new Living Scenes puzzles will be bigger and nicer than the current ones thanks to technological advancements in the new jigsaw puzzle software. We're really looking forward to bringing the new Living Puzzles to you in the months ahead! Meanwhile, if you want more still image jigsaw puzzles then try the jigsaw puzzles at our new sister web site Jigsaw Explorer. The Jigsaw Explorer site is a little plain looking at the moment, but it will receive a makeover soon.

Give It a Try

Please give the new online jigsaw puzzle software a try and let us know what you think!

Bob & Kathy Flora

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